Raw Buckwheat Honey for coughs and colds

Fresh from the Field! This honey is from the last Buckwheat Harvest (late fall). Our raw buckwheat honey is one of the darkest honeys there is. Rich in antioxidants which help to boost the immune system and fight off infection. It’s great to add this honey to your tea or coffee throughout the cough and cold winter season!

According to the National Honey Board and our customers this honey is great for reducing coughs due to cold or flu. This honey has a molasses flavor and tends to be very thick.

All of our honey is made by the bees, bottled by hand, all in the U.S.A. Including our Buckwheat Honey.

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Our honey comes to you straight from the comb to the bottle.  We don’t heat our honey so the natural goodness that the bees work so hard to put in the honey stays there.  We don’t use filters or strainers so our honey is loaded with all of the goodness that nature intended.

Our honey has been tested at a certified honey testing facility and has met and exceeded all honey standards.

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