U.S. 2013 honey production at an ALL TIME LOW! Look out for tainted foreign imports.

Honeybee gathering nectar
Honeybee gathering nectar

     In 1987, the U.S. produced more honey than it ever has, before or since.  Since 1987, honey production has continued to dwindle.  This year, 2013, honey production was the lowest EVER.

     In 1987, the U.S. produced 227 million pounds of honey.  The estimated honey production for 2013 is approximately 114 million pounds (see 11/13 Bee Culture for more info).  The U.S. consumes approximately 400 million pounds of honey yearly.  That means that about 75% of the honey consumed in the U.S. must be imported.

     The U.S. has attempted to block potentially harmful honey imports from China.  Check out the following links about how asian honey, banned in Europe, is flooding into U.S. grocery stores.

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