The First Thanksgiving

The first Thanksgiving in America was in 1621. You might be   surprised to know how different the first Thanksgiving dinner was from what   we enjoy today. Vegetables were not plentiful and the Thanksgiving meal   centered around many different kinds of meats and corn. Sugar was brought   over on the Mayflower but it most likely was used up by the time of the first   celebration. There was no Native American word for wax or honey, and honey bees were not native to America.   The European settlers first brought honey bees the following year in 1622. There might not   have been any honey at that first celebration, but honey bees have been here ever since helping to pollinate   crops and shaping the look of the land as we know it today.  We can give thanks for   the bee and the local beekeepers who harvest the honey.

You might be surprised how honey enlivens many dishes and not just desserts and sweets.  We have on our website recipes using honey to make many of the traditional Thanksgiving foods.  If you would like to make something different, and delicious this year, give these a try!  Visit our recipe section on our website for delicious recipes using honey

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