Four Delicious Quick and Easy Holiday Hors d’ouvres made with Winter Park Honey!

Hi I’m jean the beekeeper, here to tell you about some delicious holiday hors ‘douvres.

The first thing we’re going to talk about is what to do with honeycomb. The great thing about honeycomb is that it is a really quick hors ‘douvre. All you need is the honeycomb, some mild tasting crackers, and some Feta or Gorgonzola cheese. Simply take a cracker, cut a slice of honeycomb, and crumble some cheese on top.These hors ‘douvres are a great ice breaker at a party; you can make a plate of them and walk around at the party explaining to your friends how to eat raw honeycomb.

MMM… isn’t that good?

And now we’re going to talk about our key lime honey. Simply drizzle the key lime honey on an apple (or strawberries, or fruit of your choice)! What a delicious healthy hors ‘douvre!

And now for the avocado. Drizzle a bit of cinnamon orange honey on an avocado for another delicious treat! (By the way…Dan, the drone, doesn’t like avocados but I didn’t know this until AFTER we shot the video! Poor Dan.)

And finally, a toasted bagel, drizzled with blackberry honey and topped with cream cheese. This is a delicious treat to wake up to the morning after that great holiday party.

Check out additional winter park honey recipes on our website, Winter Park Honey.

Have a honey of a day!

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