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Gene Ralph Amaral
<noscript><img decoding=async src=httpwinterparkhoneycomwp contentuploads201404Gene Ralph Amaral 290x290jpg alt=Gene Ralph Amaral width=290 height=290 class=size thumbnail wp image 1052 lazyload ><noscript><a> Gene Petys is his wood working shop in tampa with Ralph Gousse and Amaral Selma
Amaral, our beekeeping intern, Ralph Gousse, with Haiti Help Med Plus and Jean (with Winter Park Honey) went to visit Gene Petys last weekend to see his woodworking shop in Tampa, Florida. Gene’s shop is complete with everything he needs to build the parts for beehives. He’s designed and built many of the machines from old parts. Gene’s made a few modifications to the traditional designs that make his boxes/frames stronger and last longer. You can purchase the pieces from Gene and do the assembly work yourself or have Gene build the boxes for you. Either way, if you live in the Tampa area and need beehive equipment, give Gene a call and he can probably help you out. Many of his items are listed on Craigslist. Just type his phone number in the craigslist search bar, 727-244-4917, and you will find his listings.

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