Huge honeybee and wild bee losses reported in northern Europe.

Huge bee losses in N. Europe
<noscript><img decoding=async src=httpwinterparkhoneycomwp contentuploads201404norther europe hit hard with honeybee death 290x290jpg alt=Huge bee losses in N Europe width=290 height=290 class=size thumbnail wp image 1062 lazyload ><noscript><a> Huge bee losses recorded in northern Europe
Huge honeybee and wild bee losses are being recorded in northern Europe. Pollination is going to get tough without our pollinators. Think before you spray. Does the plant you’re spraying really need to be perfect, free of any bug infestation. or can you afford to spare a few leaves and give a little food to the insects? Or, just maybe, the plant doesn’t belong in your yard anyway. Plant something else that doesn’t need to be sprayed. we need to change our ideas of beauty and accept that a perfectly green manicured yard isn’t really all that pretty. Afterall, pretty and perfect may eventually kill you.

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