Asian Honey, Banned in Europe, Is Flooding U.S. Grocery Shelves

This is what the honey smuggling business is all about… MONEY.

We have posted about this in the past, but this new investigative report about the honey laundering business brings a few new points to the forefront of the issue. Please read the article for information about how they get the honey out of China and into The U.S without FDA intervention, as well as new sweeteners they have been developing which are “undetectable” by current tests. They also talk about how some of the largest honey packers in the the country are involved in this deplorable practice (dumping). Knowing the quality of the product you are purchasing is key as well as trusting the company which you buy your honey from. Don’t be afraid to ask if they test the honey for known sugars, whether they use pesticides or antibiotics or if the bees are exposed to any. Here at Winter Park Honey we are devoted to producing the highest quality products available and test each variety of honey for fake sugars, pesticides, antibiotics, and heavy metals such as lead and we think that the quality and the taste of our products speak for themselves.

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