Winter Park Honey Merchandise is Here!

Winter Park Honey Merchandise

Along with our selection of award winning honey, we here at Winter Park Honey often receive requests for merchandise. To suit our pure raw honey loving customers, we’ve put together a great collection of Winter Park Honey coffee mugs, shirts, and other accessories!  You’ll find all sorts of great Winter Park Honey must-have gifts to complement your un-bee-lievably great taste in natural raw honey!

Here’s how I use my Winter Park Honey coffee mug and Buckwheat Honey:

1 tsp buckwheat honey

3 oz. strong coffee – approximately

3oz. half & half

To preserve the benefits of natural raw honey, I recommend not adding the buckwheat honey until the very end.  I mix equal parts strong coffee and half and half cream, then I measure 1 teaspoon of buckwheat honey and stir so that the honey melts into the liquid.  This dark honey goes very well with strong coffee, and tastes great in my Winter Park Honey mug!

For more of the Winter Park Honey merchandise you’ve been asking for, click on Our Merchandise Store!

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