Allergies and Bhramara Mudra

Yoga Mudra Bhramara AllergiesYoga Mudra Bhramara Allergies


Yoga Mudras  are gestures for the hands and body that aid healing for the body, mind, emotions, and spirit.  Using hand positions in this manner can be found in the yoga, Buddhist, Chinese, and other traditions.

Here is one to practice to relieve allergies and related conditions.  It’s called Bhramara Mudra (the name of the mudra comes from Indian dance and it resembles a BEE).


  • Place your index finger at the base of your thumb
  • Touch the tip of your thumb beside the fingernail of the middle finger
  • Extend your ring finger and little fingers
  • Focus your attention and breathe as deeply, slowly and smoothly as possible
  • Hold for several minutes and practice often

Use this practice during an allergy attack or as a preventive during allergy season.  It may halt an allergy attack before it starts or stop a sneezing fit.

You can also help yourself by doing what you can to boost your immune system and avoid the things that trigger your allergies (pollen, animal dander, dust, food triggers, etc.) Wash or rinse your hair before bed and change your pillow case daily. Never swim in water with a visible layer of pollen on top.

Lastly, take a teaspoon or two a day of our Local Wildflower Honey Infused with Pollen. Because our patented process incorporates pollen from over 2000 sources, it can help relieve your allergy symptoms no matter where you live!

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