Using honey as a cough medicine.

spoonfull of buckwheat honey for coughs

It is still very cold and snowy in many parts of the country, but here in Winter Park Florida, flowers are starting to pop and the weather is warming.  Some of us from Winter Park Honey are in Winter Park, Colorado and it is a winter wonderland. However, Spring will be coming soon to everyone and it is not too soon to think about the garden.  Seeds can be started indoors and in some parts, beds can be readied for planting.  See our article below on Planting a Pollinator Garden for the bees. 

It also is still cough and cold season, and honey can really help the immune system as well as calm the cough.  Once the flowers start to bloom it will be allergy season; it already is here in Florida, and it is never too early to start taking honey to prepare for allergy season in your area. 

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