Joint Health Honey Testimonial

Letter from a Joint Health Honey Customer

Here is a transcription of the above letter from a customer that loves Winter Park Honey’s Buckwheat with turmeric and cinnamon honey

Dear Sirs,

My son was recently travelling in U.S.A and brought me backa 16oz jar of your Arthritis-Bee-Gone  with cinnamon and turmeric honey, which as a chronic sufferer of arthritis in my spine I had never heard of before.  I was delighted to try it and really enjoyed it.  However no one in our stores have ever heard of it ever.  ASDA, who are part of the world side of Walmart, so I have heard, go to the producer for advice.

     Do you in fact export to U.K. and with which gourp?  I would love to get in touch with our local shop to order some. If not I wonder what would it cost to have a supply sent direct by port.  I am an old age pensioner of limited resource but if possible I’d like to get some more or a similar product that you could become and as sadly my sons visit (the USA was a one of trek to celebrate his 40th wedding anniversary so unlikely to be repeat in the near future, and at 80+ my future in not likely to be over long.

     However, if you could quote me for getting a small parcel each autumn to set me up for winter .  I would be happy to consider it.

Your product tastes wonderful and in hot milk at bedtime I have had quite pain freenights since I got it and would love more if at all possible.  If no I wish all your users as much pleasure as I got and it tastes nicer than my pills.

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