Customer Testimonial

Customer testimonial, sent via email, remarking how much they enjoy our newsletter! Hi Folks I love your email newsletters. When I see them come in I wait and save them for when I can sit down and relax. It’s like reading a short story about a favorite subject. You clearly love your company and it shows through your efforts in sending these beautiful & informative emails. The information about bees /the poems / the recipes all make me smile. I appreciate the hard work that the humans do to try to save the bee’s and share their honey. The first time I bought Winter Park honey was at Plant St Market in Winter Garden. My son brought me there during one of my visits to FLA about 5-6 years ago. I was excited to try the ginger honey in my tea and coffee once I got back home to the “North” that year. Once I noticed I could order your honey from Amazon and I did for about a year or so. When I moved to FLA over 3 years ago I finally realized I could order “directly” from you and I choose that option now. (It’s a nice touch to feel connected to my homebee’s ) I generally buy a number of choices and it takes me awhile to consume. I will be ordering again – no worries. Thanks for 🐝ing you! ❤️ Judith D

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