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The honey lobby is demanding that the government define honey

  The honey lobby is demanding that the government define honey!   At the above link, you can read a very interesting article about the honey lobby and how after failing to get the FDA to define honey they have turned to the USDA for help, and are lobbying for more ¬†restrictions on imports and […]

another day, another article! (or two) This one is about the NYC beekeepers, NYC you say? yes, urban beekeeping is on the rise (you might even say, on the “high-rise”) in NYC more and more people are keeping bees on the rooftops of hotels, restaurants and more! It tells a little about the (not so) humble beginnings of urban beekeeping […]

Winter Park Honey says good-bye to Amaral from Haiti.

We said good-bye to Amaral Selma from Haiti today. He has been learning beekeeping and honey production from Winter Park Honey for the past 3 months. We are sending Amaral back home armed with knowledge to start his own honey company in Haiti. Good luck Amaral. Winter Park Honey will continue to monitor Amaral’s progress […]

Huge honeybee and wild bee losses reported in northern Europe.

Huge honeybee and wild bee losses are being recorded in northern Europe. Pollination is going to get tough without our pollinators. Think before you spray. Does the plant you’re spraying really need to be perfect, free of any bug infestation. or can you afford to spare a few leaves and give a little food to […]

Buy locally built bee boxes, beehives and other beekeeping equipment.

Amaral, our beekeeping intern, Ralph Gousse, with Haiti Help Med Plus and Jean (with Winter Park Honey) went to visit Gene Petys last weekend to see his woodworking shop in Tampa, Florida. Gene’s shop is complete with everything he needs to build the parts for beehives. He’s designed and built many of the machines from […]

How probiotic and healthy bacteria affect bee hives

Check out this very interesting article that states that bee hives that are more genetically diverse (have a queen that has mated with more than one drone, or male, bee) are not only less susceptible to pathogens and infectious disease, but they have higher contents of certain bacteria that we consider to be probiotic and […]

Queen bee lays egg while drone bee watches.

I took this photo a few days ago while working in my bee yard. the queen lays up to 3000 eggs a day. here she is laying one of many while a drone bee (male bee with big eyes) looks on. she’s laying the egg on a nice frame of honeycomb. the workers bees (female […]