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How to extract honey from a beehive without a honey extractor.

If you don’t have a honey extractor, don’t fret!  You can still extract honey with a few simple items.  All you need is a bucket and a strainer.   Place the strainer on top of a bucket.  Scrape the honeycomb into the strainer.  Put the lid on the bucket and wait as the honey drains out […]

Never leave empty space in a beehive.

I opened my beehives today and found this interesting frame.  Someone (couldn’t have me!) put a frame in the hive that had no foundation.  The bees were good with that.  They just filled the space in by making honeycomb at a 90 degree angle to the other comb in the hive.  Ugh!  Click image for […]

Honeybees need a life raft so they don’t drown while they munch on honey in a cup.

These bees are catching a quick meal from some of Winter Park Honey’s leftover samples. To prevent the bees from drowning in their own honey, I put a paper towel in the bowls. The paper towels act like life rafts, giving the bees something to stand on while they graze. Winter time is a tough […]

Benefits of Hobbyist Beekeepers

Image from article “Urban Beekeeping Culture” by Samantha Donaldson Many benefits arise from hobbyist beekeepers. Honey bees are vital for the survival of many fruits nuts and seeds that are essential for much of the wildlife. At the same time, honey bees pollinate a number of native and exotic plants and crops that are important […]

The Value of Honey Bees as Pollinators of U.S Crops – A Cornell University Study (Year 2000)

Based on a study of the figures published by the National Agricultural Statistics Service of the USDA, interviews with beekeepers and researchers we estimate that there were 2,500,000 colonies rented for pollination purposes in 1998. This is up from 2,032,000 in 1989, representing a 22.8% increase. Most of this increase is explained by two phenomena. […]

Bryan Cranston wears a bee beard in an old episode of Malcolm in the Middle.

Check out Season 1, Episode 14 of Malcolm in the Middle where Bryan Cranston, from the recently concluded series “Breaking Bad”, wears a bee beard. Wearing a bee beard is not for the faint of heart. I’m sure that Bryan was stung several times as he danced around with thousands of bees attached to his […]