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U.S. 2013 honey production at an ALL TIME LOW! Look out for tainted foreign imports.

     In 1987, the U.S. produced more honey than it ever has, before or since.  Since 1987, honey production has continued to dwindle.  This year, 2013, honey production was the lowest EVER.      In 1987, the U.S. produced 227 million pounds of honey.  The estimated honey production for 2013 is approximately 114 million pounds (see […]

Fall is Allergy Time

The bees have been working hard all summer and the hives are brimming with honey. It is autumn and time to harvest. This time of year also brings a season in which many people have allergies. It is not just in the spring when pollen becomes the enemy to many. Since mid-August, airborne pollen from […]

Dan selling our raw local honey at the winter garden farmers market.

We sell honey at the winter garden farmers market every saturday morning, rain or shine. Come out for a free honey tasting. Now that it has cooled off a bit, you may catch dan dressed up as a honey bee. Our honey stand is INSIDE the pavillion by the produce cashier, next to the knife […]

Quick health benefits of turmeric

Here is a quick list of many of the different health benefits of turmeric, which we include in our Buckwheat with cinnamon and turmeric for arthritis and much more! check out the Facebook post below! Post by Winter Park Honey.

Winter Park Honey is available for sale in bulk.

Interested in using Winter Park Honey, in your restaurant or food service establishment? Get in touch with our sales team at Or call us, 877-252-4514. Winter Park Honey will have 2 gallon containers of our latest honey fresh from the field available for sale soon. To find out about our bulk honey pricing call […]

Customer Testimonial from the Sarasota farmers market

We LOVE to hear back from our customers about how well our honey is working for them! here is one testimonial we received from one of our Sarasota farmers market customers in Florida about the Local Wildflower honey that is helping them through Allergy season! I have posted a photo of the letter above, with […]

What Is Varietal Honey?

Varietal honey is honey made predominantly from the nectar of a single type of flower. In order to capture and preserve the qualities and flavors unique to these monofloral honeys, beekeepers must consider local plant flowering patterns when planning hive location and the timing of each honey harvest. Unlike supermarket honeys, which are generally blended, […]