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The Benefits of Buckwheat Honey for COVID-19

Arthritis Honey

            Buckwheat Honey has many anti-oxidants (dark honey has more) and is full of immunity-boosting ingredients, as well as being rich in vitamins.  Make sure you have a bottle of this honey in your medicine chest as the COVID-19 virus attacks the United States! Buckwheat honey ranges in color from dark purple to black, but […]

Comment from Customer about Cinnamon

We recently received this note from Susan, a recurring Winter Park Honey customer, regarding our December newsletter about cinnamon. Winter Park Honey’s cinnamon honey is made with the one true Ceylon cinnamon. Check out our cinnamon holiday special. Hello! I just wanted to make a couple of comments regarding what you wrote about cinnamon.  First, Ceylon […]

Allergies and Bhramara Mudra

Yoga Mudra Bhramara AllergiesYoga Mudra Bhramara Allergies

  Yoga Mudras  are gestures for the hands and body that aid healing for the body, mind, emotions, and spirit.  Using hand positions in this manner can be found in the yoga, Buddhist, Chinese, and other traditions. Here is one to practice to relieve allergies and related conditions.  It’s called Bhramara Mudra (the name of the […]

Honey vs. Sugar

  Many people prefer the use of honey as a replacement for table sugar in their recipes. This is brought about by the thinking that honey has a higher nutritional value than sugar. Why is this so? To answer, we need to examine the chemical composition of both substances. Honey and sugar are both composed of two substances, […]

Fall Allergies

Fall allergies occur when specific allergens are in bloom. For example, ragweed allergies are common in the fall when that particular plant is in bloom. Goldenrod also blooms at this time of year and is easily recognizable; however, it is the less showy ragweed that is the primary culprit in fall allergies. The pollen grains […]