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Breeding Between European and Asian Honeybees Concerns Australian Beekeeping Industry

Did you know there are more than one type of honey bee? Did you know that NONE are native to north america? There are many types or subspecies of honey bee, here is a run down of the types and a few of the individual benefits of each subspecies: Italian honey bees, usually the most […]

The honey lobby is demanding that the government define honey

  The honey lobby is demanding that the government define honey!   At the above link, you can read a very interesting article about the honey lobby and how after failing to get the FDA to define honey they have turned to the USDA for help, and are lobbying for more  restrictions on imports and […]

another day, another article! (or two) This one is about the NYC beekeepers, NYC you say? yes, urban beekeeping is on the rise (you might even say, on the “high-rise”) in NYC more and more people are keeping bees on the rooftops of hotels, restaurants and more! It tells a little about the (not so) humble beginnings of urban beekeeping […]

New research into the disappearance of bees worldwide indicates…

New findings explain exactly why the bees are disappearing Make sure the read through the article it has some new research, at first I thought it was just another article bashing pesticides and fungicides, but it is much more involved than you think!

13 fascinating facts about bees!

13 fascinating facts about honey bees! Check out the link above for an amazing article about 13 different fascinating facts about honey bees. It ranges between everything from different characteristics of types of bees, to the life cycle and even some scientific facts about the bees. there are a few in here even I didn’t […]

Winter Park Honey says good-bye to Amaral from Haiti.

We said good-bye to Amaral Selma from Haiti today. He has been learning beekeeping and honey production from Winter Park Honey for the past 3 months. We are sending Amaral back home armed with knowledge to start his own honey company in Haiti. Good luck Amaral. Winter Park Honey will continue to monitor Amaral’s progress […]

53rd Annual Apopka Art & Foliage Festival

Apopka Art & Foliage                   This weekend 26th and 27th, Winter Park Honey will be selling honey at the 53rd Annual Apopka Art & Foliage Festival. Get free samples of our large variety of honeys such as Local Wildflower, Tupelo, Orange Blossom, Blackberry, Ginger, Cinnamon, Buckwheat and a […]

Fresh Market in the Villages has a really nice WPH display.

My sister was in fresh market in the Villages of Lady Lake near Leesburg, Florida today. Much to her surprise she saw our honey! She was impressed that there was an entire display of Winter Park Honey. She took a picture of our mother standing by. Our mother is 96 years old and she eats […]