Frequently Asked Questions

What makes our local honey the absolutely best honey for the allergy season?

Not only does our honey include bee pollen from all seasons, we also include hand collected pollens from trees, grasses and bushes such as pine, cedar and oak.  Because honey is not generally harvested while the oak, cedar, pine and many grass pollens are blooming, these pollens are not present in honey.  Our local honey includes a mixture of four seasons of local honey blended with four seasons of hand and bee collected pollens.

Does Winter Park Honey offer Free Shipping?

Yes. Shipping is free for all orders over $60.  There is a flat rate fee for all orders under $60.

Is your honey raw?

Yes.  All of our honey is raw and bottled by hand.  We do not use a mechanical bottler that requires heating honey to high temperatures.

How are the varietal honeys made?

Varietal honeys such as orange blossom honey, blackberry honey, raspberry honey are made by placing bee hives in an area where orange blossoms, blackberries, etc are in full bloom. The bees collect the nectar from the blossoms and make honey.  Larger orange groves, blackberry fields, etc. will yield the purest varietal honeys.  Therefore, the quality of the varietal honey will depend on the beekeepers ability to find the best possible locations.

If honey granulates, should i throw it away?

No.  Raw honey lasts for millions of years.  Granulation is a natural process.  If possible, consume the honey in granulated form.  However, to reliquify simply place the bottle in a double boiler until the crystals have dissolved.

What are the delivery charges for orders from the Online Shop?

Shipping is FREE for all orders over $30.  Orders under $30 incurr a flat fee of $7.95.  All of our products are shipped via USPS Pirority mail. Call us for bulk shipping prices.  877-252-4514.  or email us:

Which payment methods are accepted in the Online Shop?

We accept all major credit cards and Paypal.

How long will delivery take?

We ship all orders via USPS priority.  You will receive a USPS tracking number via email.  Your order should arrive within 2-3 business days.

How secure is shopping in the Online Shop? Is my data protected?

Shopping with us is secure.  We do not share data with anyone.

What exactly happens after ordering?

Every morning our shipping staff receives the packing slips for all orders placed the previous day.  These orders are packed with care.  USPS picks packages up every afternoon.

Do I receive an invoice for my order?

Your order will include a packing slip.  If you require an invoice, please contact our staff via

Can I apply honey topically?

Absolutely, we recommend our buckwheat honey for topical use.

What should I do if my honey granulates?

Optimally, you should eat the honey in its granulated state.You can scoop it out of the bottle with a knife.If you must liquefy the
honey, you can place the honey in a double boiler with water and gently warm on low heat.Depending on the honey, this may take a while.

Who should I call if I have trouble placing an order?

Please call Betty.  She will be happy to take your order over the phone.  877-252-4514 is our toll free number.

Who should i call if I have problem placing an order with Winter Park Honey.

Call 877-252-4514 for help.  Or, for quicker response, please send us an email to

How long does honey last. Does honey have an expiration date?

Honey lasts forever.  Honey has been found in ancient tombs.  The honey was granulated, but when melted, it tasted great!

Why are honeys from the same nectar source different colors. For example, why is some orange blossom honey a really light color and some orange blossom honey is dark?

Every harvest of honey is different depending on plants that may have bloomed during a particular honey harvest.  For example, the hope is that nothing else blooms while the orange blossoms are blooming and the perfect orange blossom honey can be obtained.  Unfortunately, this is never going to happen.  Something else is always going to bloom and change the taste of the gourmet honey. Another factor that influences the color of honey is age.  Honey tends to darken with age.  The taste of a particular honey varies over time also.

What is raw honey?

At Winter Park Honey, we believe raw honey is honey that has never been warmer than the temperature at which the bees would normally keep it.  That temperature is around 90-100 F.

How is orange blossom honey made?

Orange blossom honey is made by placing empty beehives in an orange grove while the orange trees are in bloom.  The biggest and most pure orange groves will produce the best orange blossom honey.  All gourmet or artisan honeys are produced this way.

How is honeycomb made?

To create honeycomb, the beekeeper must replace the hard plastic foundation used for honey production with edible beeswax foundation.  This requires a bit of skill.  The flatter the sheets of beeswax, the flatter the honeycomb will be.  If the beeswax is wavy, the honeycomb will be wavy.  The hives with the beeswax foundation are then placed in an area with a prolific bloom.  Bees will only create honeycomb when the bloom is strong.  They much prefer creating honey as it is much easier for them to make.  Making wax is roughly 7 times more difficult than making honey.  Once the bees have capped the frames of beeswax honeycomb, the beekeeper must pull the honey supers.  And this is where things get a bit tricky.  Once the honey has been removed from the hive, the arsenal of bees (40,000 of them) that were protecting the super are gone and the honey is vulnerable to countless invasion from wax moths, beetles, etc.  To avoid the need for fumigation, Winter Park Honey takes the honeycomb straight from the beehive immediately into the honey house to be cut up into squares.  Once the comb is sealed in the honeycomb squares it will keep for millions of years.  Winter Park Honey will NEVER fumigate their honeycomb.  You can rest assured that our honeycomb is FREE of pesticides and poison.