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  • Nationally Award-Winning Honey
  • Pure Raw Honey (no additives)
  • Infused with pollen from your area
  • Perfect for Pollen Allergies
  • Established in 2006

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Honey for the allergy Season

local honey for allergies

Discover the soothing embrace of nature with our Local Bee Honey. Sourced with pollen from across the USA, this golden elixir is a delightful honey to take during the allergy season and all year long. Crafted with care and free from additives, our Local Bee Honey captures the essence of the diverse flora across the entire USA.. 

Experience a sweeter and more allergy-friendly lifestyle as you incorporate this pure and wholesome remedy into your daily routine. Shop now and let the natural goodness of local honey for allergies bring you sweet relief.

Why Choose Local Honey for Allergies?

Community Connection 

When you choose local honey for allergies, you’re supporting beekeepers in your community. It’s a sweet way to connect with local producers and contribute to the local economy.

Honey for Allergies

Our allergy honey is the best choice for local honey because it’s fortified with wind pollen, pollen that would not normally bee in local honey. This honey, created with our patented process, is loaded with a huge variety of pollen. Our patented, delicious honey targets pollen that causes allergies. Mother nature doesn’t duplicate efforts; therefore, wind pollen generally won’t be found in honey so we hand collect it ourselves.

Pure and Simple Ingredients 

Local honey is crafted with care, free from additives or artificial ingredients. It’s a clean and simple remedy for those seeking a more natural solution to allergy discomfort.

Regional Flora Essence 

Harvested from thriving local hives, each jar of Local Bee Honey captures the diverse flora of your region. This essence adds a unique touch to the honey’s flavor and potential health benefits.

Delicious Daily Routine

Whether drizzled on your morning toast or stirred into your favourite beverage, incorporating local honey into your daily routine is a delightful way to support your overall well-being. It adds a touch of sweetness to your life.

Supporting Local Beekeepers

 By choosing local honey, you’re directly supporting local beekeepers and their efforts to maintain thriving hives. Your choice contributes to the health of local bee populations.

Sweeter, Allergy-Friendly Lifestyle 

Embrace a sweeter life with Local Bee Honey as a part of your allergy-friendly lifestyle. It’s a natural and delicious way to find relief during the allergy season, making your journey to well-being a bit sweeter.

All USA Honey For Allergies

All USA Allergy honey is our recommendation for customers that travel.  Don’t get stuck with a runny nose while on a business trip.  Pollen flies for thousands of miles during storms.  We infuse these wind blown pollens into our All USA Allergy Honey.  This honey is made using our patented process that infuses a huge variety of both bee and wind pollen into the honey.  Our ALL USA Allergy Honey is THE honey to take during the allergy season and all year long.

Customers are raving about our All USA Allergy Honey.  

Local Florida Honey For Allergies

Florida honey is highly sought after around the world.  The bees have a huge variety of nectar sources to create unique tasting honey.  Orange blossom honey, tupelo honey, palmetto honey and Florida Holly honey (also known as gallberry honey) are the four biggest crops.  These honeys are becoming increasingly rare as Florida wilderness turns into housing developments.

Customers are raving about our Orlando Allergy Honey, Tampa Allergy Honey, Miami Allergy Honey, Jacksonville Allergy Honey and more.  Local Bee Honey, Winter Park Honey’s best selling brand, has allergy honey for all major Florida cities.

Explore Nature's Sweetness with Our Local Honey in NYC

local honey for allergies

Indulge in the pure goodness of nature with our exceptional New York Allergy Honey. Sourced from thriving urban hives, this golden elixir captures the essence of the city’s diverse flora. Crafted with care and free from additives, our Local Bee Honey is a delicious and wholesome choice for those seeking a natural remedy. 

Elevate your daily routine by drizzling it on your morning toast or stirring it into your favorite beverage. Support local beekeepers and savor our unique NYC Allergy Honey.

Shop now and experience the simplicity and sweetness of nature right in the heart of the city. Your journey to pure, goodness begins here.

Discover the Local Essence of Sweetness Near You

Welcome to the sweet world of local honey at Winter Park Honey! If you’ve been searching for a reliable local honey provider near me, look no further. We take pride in offering you the finest, purest honey sourced right from our community’s buzzing hives.

When you choose us as your local honey provider near me , you’re not just getting a jar of honey, you’re supporting local beekeepers and enjoying a slice of your community’s unique flavors.

So, whether you’re a honey enthusiast, health-conscious consumer, or someone with a sweet tooth, make Winter Park Honey as your go-to local honey destination. Embrace the buzz, savor the sweetness, and support your local beekeepers  because there’s nothing sweeter than honey that’s close to home.

honey local near me

Why is Winter Park Honey The Best Local Honey Provider Near You?

Local Goodness

Winter Park’s honey is sourced from nearby beekeepers. This proximity ensures that the honey is not only produced locally but also gets to you quickly, maintaining its freshness and flavor.

Tasty Variety 

The variety in the local flowers and plants that bees visit contributes to the unique taste of Winter Park honey. Different nectar sources impart distinct flavors, creating a rich and delightful blend in their honey.

Top Quality 

Winter Park Honey is committed to delivering a high-quality product. This means that their honey undergoes strict quality control measures to meet the standards that customers expect.


We practice ethical and sustainable beekeeping. This involves caring for the health and well-being of the bees, as well as minimizing the impact on the environment. Sustainable beekeeping ensures a harmonious relationship between honey production and nature.

Community Support 

By choosing Local Bee Honey, you’re not just buying a product; you’re supporting local beekeepers and businesses. This support contributes to the economic growth and vitality of your community.

Freshness Guaranteed 

Our Local Bee Honey, Winter Park Honey’s best selling brand, flies off the shelves.  With over a million bottles sold to satisfied customers, we take great care to make sure it’s as fresh as it gets.  Our allergy honey is bottled weekly in small batches to ensure quality.

Environmental Friendliness 

Winter Park Honey prioritizes environmentally friendly practices. This includes considerations such as elliminating the use of harmful chemicals and promoting biodiversity. By choosing us , you align your values with a brand that takes responsibility for its environmental impact.

Enjoy The Sweetness of the Dish With Chicago Allergy Honey

local honey nyc

Discover the sweet taste of local goodness with our Chicago Allergy Honey collection!   At Winter Park Hone , we bring you the purest and freshest honey straight from local hives. Our honey is a golden delight with unmatched flavor and sweetness. 

Support local beekeepers and indulge in the rich, natural goodness of our honey varieties. From the floral notes of wildflowers to the robust flavor of urban blooms, each jar tells a unique story of Chicago’s diverse landscapes. 

Our commitment to sustainability ensures that you’re not just enjoying delicious honey but also supporting the environment. Explore our range, including raw honey, comb honey, and infused options that capture the essence of the city.

Join us in savoring the local different  taste of the city, one jar at a time. Elevate your palate with Chicago Allergy Honey, where nature’s sweetness meets urban charm.


Your local honey is pollinated with your local pollens to help you prevent some of those allergies that trouble you. Watch this video to learn more from the owners.

More About Local Honey

We’re fortunate to have our home based in Florida. Since Florida is the 4th largest honey producer in the United States, most beekeepers eventually end up here at some point during the year. Over time, we’ve developed close relationships with the best beekeepers found across the nation, and they delivery raw honey to us regularly.
However, that’s just the beginning. While we all love honey’s sweet taste, we go the extra mile to make the best honey for your area’s allergy season too. To accomplish this, we also have beekeepers across the country collecting bee pollen for us. They ship this pollen frozen and then we infuse them into the local honey.
BUT THAT’S NOT ALL… We also hand collect wind-blown pollens that the bees will never collect, like pine, oak, and many other grass and tree pollens. We infuse these pollens into the honey as well, which uniquely strengthens the honey’s effectiveness.
We put a tremendous amount of passion and effort into every bottle of local honey to ensure that it’s loaded with pollens from your area. So, when you ingest the pollens in small quantities, preserved in the honey, you will slowly overcome your allergy.

It has taken several attempts to get the process right, but we finally have a patent pending on the process used to get the pollen to stay suspended in the honey. We bottle every drop by hand. Every bottle is inspected on a light table and debris is pulled out with a pipette such that the honey is not degraded with unnecessary processing.
So, it’s not just a bottle of honey. To many it’s much more than that!

We are often asked if our honey is raw. However, the definition of “raw” is different for different beekeepers.
Honey is harvested into 55-gallon drums. During an orange blossom honey harvest, for example, the bees might make 100 barrels of orange blossom honey over the span of about a month. When the nectar flow stops there won’t be any more orange blossom honey until the next time the orange trees bloom the following season. Since we can’t use all 100 drums immediately, the drums are stored until they are bottled. As they wait to be bottled, the honey in the drums starts to granulate. After about a month or 2, a barrel of orange blossom honey will be solid. There is no way to get the honey out of the drum without heating it.
The question customers should be asking is not “has the honey been heated” but “how has the honey been heated”.Bees keep the honey in the hive at around 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit. Technically, it would be great if we could warm the honey to 90 degrees and bottle it. It will take days, probably weeks, to liquefy a drum of honey at 90 degrees. The degradation of honey increases with heat and with time.
At winter park honey, we’ve taken both factors into account. Our goal is to liquefy the honey at the lowest possible temperature over the shortest period of time. This process is facilitated by stirring. Instead of just slapping a warming belt on the barrel and leaving it to melt, we stir the honey frequently which allows us to warm the honey in a shorter amount of time at a lower temperature.
The proof is in the product. We’ve used the honey many times to heal wounds. We have countless testimonials from customers that have used our buckwheat honey to heal exterior wounds. The effectiveness of the honey for wound care is a good indicator of the ‘rawness’ of the honey. If the honey is heated too much and/or too long, the honey WILL NOT be effective for wound healing.