A Family Business

A relative gave us a beehive as a gift many years ago. At the time.  It was a swarm he’d rescued from a tree. He put the swarm in a box, put the box and 6 kids in his van and drove 1100 miles from Oklahoma to Orlando, Florida. Even though the bees escaped during the journey, no one got stung! My brother put the hive in my yard, where it stayed untouched for years. Back then, I was a physicist with no time for bees. Once a year, the relative would visit and check on the hive. Watching over his shoulder, We became fascinated with these little creatures. Years later we started to care for the bees ourselves. Our one hive multiplied into hundreds and we had more honey to share than our neighbors and friends could eat! The Winter Park Farmer’s Market asked if we would sell our honey at their market.

Winter Park Honey was born in July, 2006. The honey was so popular that after just a few weeks, We were sold out. We needed more bees and more honey! Word spread, the apiary grew and farmer’s markets, stores and restaurants called asking for the privilege to market our honey.  We now offer honey and hive products through 3 different sister companies: Winter Park Honey, Local Bee Honey and Wild Florida Honey. Our honey can be found in selected Whole Foods, Fresh Markets, Chamberlain’s, and health food stores as well as others.

Winter Park Honey features gourmet honeys such as Tupelo and Orange Blossom.  Local Bee Honey is our biggest seller featuring local honey for all major cities across the USA.  Wild Florida Honey sells hive products from lotions, soaps to a delicious honey made by the bees deep in the Florida jungle. Watch our beekeeping videos.

Meet the Team

scott with his packet machine


Scott keeps things running. He’s the genius behind our individual serving packets and many other contributions.

dan dressed in bee suit selling honey at a market


Dan is responsible for quality control and supply. He makes sure our products are top shelf and in stock.


Office Mgr

Have questions, Betty is here to help. Betty helps customers with orders and deciding on the best honey.