All USA, All Local Wildflower Honey and Buckwheat with Turmeric and Cinnamon- 2 x 16oz. -FREE SHIPPING!


Our wildflower honey is harvested throughout the year from all major cities across the USA. In addition, we send out our “Pollen Patrol” to collect pollen from across the nation (both by hand and from the bees). Using our newly patented process we infuse all of these pollens in a mixture of wildflower honey harvested from Main to Florida and from Florida to California to create this uniquely pollen packed honey.

Our pure raw natural unfiltered unheated unprocessed organically produced buckwheat honey is enhanced with turmeric & cinnamon. It is loaded with antioxidants and tastes good too! Historically turmeric has been used to treat disorders of the stomach and skin. Turmeric is related to the ginger family and is commonly added to Indian recipes. In addition, cinnamon has traditionally been helpful with blood sugar, joint and heart health.