Cinnamon Orange 2 x 16 oz. Free Shipping


Buy One Get One Free with Free Shipping.    This raw Cinnamon Orange Honey is a customer favorite made by adding a hint of cinnamon essence to our famous 100% pure raw unfiltered unpasteurized  Orange Blossom Honey. Some of the bottles are scratched.  Honey may be starting to granulate.   We could heat the honey to force it to stay in liquid form longer, but this would reduce its medicinal benefits.  We prefer to sell it raw and unfiltered.  So, if it granulates, just warm  the bottle in the sun or a double boiler.  You also could dig it out with a spoon or dip it into a warm beverage/food, stir and enjoy the wonderful healing results.  Made in the U.S.A .  Bottled by hand. (2×16).

*Free Shipping US address only.




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