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More About Honeycomb


For many centuries, humans have harvested honey from bees for its sweet taste and waxy comb, a unique substance that can be used for many purposes. What is honeycomb?  Like honey, honeycomb is made by honeybees in their hives. Both substances get their start as nectar from flowers, which the honeybees transform into honey through a […]

Honeycomb and Beeswax


Carefully crafted by young worker bees into six-sided honeycomb cells, beeswax provides tiny storage units for bee larvae, honey and pollen. There are two possible explanations for why honeycomb is composed of hexagons rather than another shape. One is that a hexagonal structure uses the least material to create a lattice of cells. Another is that […]

Treating Sea Turtles with Honey and Beeswax

Injured and sick sea turtles are receiving help at rescue and rehabilitation centers. Surprisingly, one of the best helpers for healing an injured turtle is honey! If an injurged turtle has lost part of its shell, veterinarians may patch it by applying honey and beeswax to the exposed tissue. Honey contains enzymes that help slough […]